Optimist Education Fund

The Optimist Education Fund is a charitable initiative aimed at improving access to quality education. Managed by Optimist International Nepal, this initiative is driven by a singular objective: To provide scholarships to deserving students who demonstrate a deep enthusiasm for advancing their education but face obstacles due to financial constraints. The Fund operates under a Zero Cost Strategy, ensuring that none of the fund’s resources are allocated towards administrative expenses. This means that 100% of the received contributions are dedicated solely to the intended cause.

Grit-up* Scholarship

The Grit-up Scholarship, an integral component of the Optimist Education Fund’s scholarship schemes, represents a commendable program aimed at providing financial assistance to deserving high school students, specifically giving priority to girls.

The program extends scholarships to students in Grades 9 to 12 who face financial barriers in pursuing their education. The primary objective is to remove such barriers that might otherwise hinder their pursuit of education. This is especially crucial, given the higher dropout rates among high school students, particularly girls. Many students, predominantly girls, are forced to leave high school due to a combination of societal factors and the financial constraints their families encounter. The program aims to address these challenges head-on and empower these young individuals to persevere in their educational journey with unwavering determination.

Please refer to the Grit-up Scholarship Policies for administrative details about this program.

*The term “Grit-up” implies the qualities of determination, perseverance, and resilience – characteristics that are crucial for success in both education and life. This scholarship is likely named as such to reflect the challenging circumstances that many students might face, and their ability to overcome these challenges with determination and grit.