Wellbeing Initiatives

“Being well is not just the absence of Negatives in life but also the presence of Positives.”

“Being well is not just not to languish but also to flourish.”

Traditionally, a major focus of psychology has been to relieve human suffering . . . relieving suffering, however, is not the same as flourishing. People want to thrive, not just survive . . . The skills that build flourishing are different from the skills that alleviate suffering (Positive Psychology Center, 2022).

Wellbeing Promotion is the core commitment of Optimist International Nepal underpinned by our primary purpose To Develop Optimism as a Philosophy of Life. In light of our commitment Wellbeing Initiatives is a set of strategies adopted by the organization to help in adding Positives to lives – the Positives that lead to human flourishing. Primarily, the initiative is based on Martin E. P. Seligman’s PERMA model* of wellbeing – a simple and immediately applicable essence of Positive Psychology**. The current focus of the Initiative is Positive Education Movement and Constructive Journalism Movement – both take inspiration from the science of Positive Psychology, and are aimed at spreading optimism, building hope and resilience, and supporting individuals, schools, and communities to flourish.

Further, Childhood Health & Wellness Program, the signature program of Optimist International, is an integral part of Wellbeing Initiatives.

*Seligman’s PERMA model outlines five building blocks that enable human flourishing, viz. Positive Emotions, Engagement, Positive Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment – abbreviated as the acronym PERMA.

Positive Emotions:                          Hedonic feelings of happiness (e.g. feeling joyful, content, and cheerful).

Engagement:                                 Psychological connection to activities or organizations (e.g. feeling absorbed, interested, and engaged in life)

Positive Relationships:                 Feeling socially integrated, cared about and supported by others, and satisfied with one’s social connections.

Meaning:                                     Believing that one’s life is valuable and feeling connected to something greater than oneself.

Accomplishment:                       Making progress toward goals, feeling capable to do daily activities, and having a sense of achievement.

                                                                                                                                (Kern et al., 2015)

**Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the factors that enable individuals and communities to flourish (Positive Psychology Center, 2022). The goal of positive psychology, including the PERMA model, is to equip people with scientifically proven psychosocial skills and encourage them to discover and nurture their character strengths & virtues. The positive psychology interventions allow individuals to shift their focus from negativity towards optimism and upbeat outlook leading to improved wellbeing, and flourishing life.