Positive Education Movement

What is Positive Education Movement?

Positive Education Movement is the flagship program of Optimist International Nepal, aimed at promoting wellbeing and flourishing of schoolchildren, educators, and the wider school community. This movement seeks to establish a culture of optimism, integrity and growth, empowering students to develop the necessary skills and mindset to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives while achieving academic success and contributing to the betterment of society.

What is Positive Education?

Positive Education: Education for Wellbeing and Academic Success

Positive Education is a contemporary educational approach that draws inspiration from Positive Psychology, operates within the broader framework of Positive Youth Development (PYD), and seeks to embed a positive perspective on youth development into formal education systems. The key objective of positive education is to provide students with a holistic education that emphasizes not only academic achievement, but also the cultivation of positive attitudes, virtues, character strengths, and other qualities that are essential for living a flourishing life. The approach is rooted in the principle that every child possesses remarkable abilities, talents, and genius, which require nurturing through constructive scientific educational programs giving focus on developing positive values, virtues, and an optimistic outlook. The ultimate goal of positive education is to promote wellbeing among schoolchildren, while also protecting them from potential psychological and behavioral problems. Read more

What is Optimist International Nepal’s Strategy for Promoting Positive Education?

Optimist International Nepal has taken a pioneering step towards promoting Positive Education in the country. The organization has rightly realized that in order to achieve this goal, it is crucial to start with advocacy among stakeholders, followed by identifying scholars who can lead the way forward. Once the scholars have been identified, Optimist International Nepal plans to provide them with specialized training in positive education, equipping them with the necessary tools and knowledge to lead the movement. These trained scholars will then pass on their knowledge and expertise to educators and the entire school community, enabling them to integrate positive education practices into their teaching methodologies and daily interactions.

The Positive Education Movement is a much-needed initiative that has the potential to transform the education system and inspire students to become their best selves.  This holistic approach is bound to create a ripple effect, promoting optimism, wellbeing, and growth not only in the education sector but also in the larger community. This initiative is a testament to the commitment of Optimist International Nepal toward promoting the holistic development of students and society as a whole.

In the long run, Optimist International Nepal will continue to serve as a research and resource center, conducting studies and providing resources for the further promotion of Positive Education.

If you would like to participate in this movement in one way or another, we kindly request that you consider sending an email to wellbeing@optimist.org.np. We would be delighted to have you as a part of our community.